Why are you not comfortable around your lover?

Women still have a bit of hang up about letting go totally, and perhaps it is what is standing in the way of them really enjoying their sex lives. Ever since I have been running the escorts for couples service for Tottenham Court Road escorts, I have realised that a lot of women have an issue with that around men. They are often happy to let their sexuality go free around other women, and I think that is great, but why are they so hung up around men?

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Most of the time it is actually male partners who contact us here at Tottenham Court Road escorts and ask if we do an escorts for couples service. Women seem to be a little bit reluctant in doing so, and I am not sure what is stopping. Once the date is under the way, they really seem to love it and getting stuck into dating, seems to be something that comes natural to them. But it appears that guys are happy to recognize their partners bisexuality more than they are. That has always seemed a bit funny to me.

Could it be that some women do not feel that good about their bodies? I have met so many women who do not feel good about their bodies, and I do wonder if this is one of the main reason so many women are not keen to let go. You don’t have to be perfect and flawless like the girls at Tottenham Court Road escorts to enjoy a good time in bed. If you go to a swingers party, you will meet people of all shapes and sizes.

I also think that many women feel guilty about enjoying their sexuality. We are often told by our mums that we should be good girls and that sort of thing. I cannot believe that is still happening these days. Sex is a really important part of life and we should enjoy it. Pleasure is important, and when you have a good sexy life, you will find that you will be a lot healthier. I am sure my friends here at Tottenham Court Road escorts have been told to be good girls by their mums, but like I say, there are different ways of being a good girl.

You should be able to treat your body as a pleasure palace. I keep telling my lovers that I want to be pleased and if they don’t know how to do it, I tell them how. Don’t expect your lover to be a good lover right away. He will not know what you like, and you will have to tell him. It will surprise you, but most men really like to be told what to do in bed. Feeling good about having sex with your partner, and to know that you are going to be pleased, will make a lot of difference to feeling comfortable around him. Do what the girls at Tottenham Court Road escorts do – learn how to let go of your inner sexual being.

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