Today, most couples have to work, and finding time for each other, is not easy at all.

I work for London escorts during the day on the reception, and when I come home, I look after our two kids. My husband works nights at a local company, and combining our two lives is not easy at all. After I have worked all day at Hungerford escorts, I am kind of tired, and when he stumbles out of bed, he just wants something to eat and then he goes to work.

I know that we are not the only couple in London going through this, but that does not make it any better. The girls I work with at Hungerford escorts from, often say that they come up against the same problem with their partners, but most of the time, it is the other way around. Their partners work during the day and the girls from London escorts, tend to work the night shift. It is not easy at all, but you have to do what it takes to make ends meet if you want to stay together.

Some couples find it too much of a strain and split up. I would say that the vast majority of girls who work for Hungerford escorts, have a really hard time holding down a relationship and mismatched lifestyles, is something that has led to a lot of break ups at our London escorts service. Even the guy who runs our London escorts agency, has had a lot of relationship problems because his lifestyle and odd working hours. You really need to meet someone who is in the same line of business as you to make your relationship really work.

Working for London escorts pays well, so I do get a chance to get away with my husband. We just let the grandparents look after the kids, and we go away for a dirty weekend every so often. It is really the only thing that works for us. Yes, I wish that we could have more time together during the working week, but it never works out like that. But like my husband says, if it was not for my job with London escorts, we would not have such a good lifestyle as we do today, and that is something which is important to us.

The kids are growing up quickly, and I am focusing on using my London escorts income to pay off our mortgage. All other bills have to be kept to a minimum, and we seem to manage on really very little. Like so many other families across London, we make sure that we are getting all of the benefits we are entitled to, and make good use of shopping discounts. Our Tesco club card vouchers go on things like washing powder and all of the other things we need. Living in London may sound great to people outside of London, but few realize how expensive it is to live in London

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