Their impression on my new young girlfriend – Woolwich escorts

Most of my friends down at the golf club are seriously impressed by my new young girlfriend. Her name is Alana and she used work for Woolwich escorts from before she came to live with me. I am not sure what happened, but we fell in love with each other and spent so much time together that she ended up leaving the escort agency in Woolwich to live with me.


Alana is a lovely girl but I am worried that my friends are going to find out that she used to work for Woolwich escorts services. It is not a problem in between me and her, but at the same time I feel that it is not that kind of thing that would go down to well with my mates. Their wives would certainly not appreciate the fact the fact that my sexy girlfriend used to be an elite escort and work for Woolwich escorts services. I think that they may even see her as a threat to their relationship.


My girlfriend is certainly very different from the other ladies at the golf club. I am not sure what they think when they look at her, but I have this feeling that they are not too comfortable around her at times. She does not dress the way she used to do when she worked for Woolwich escorts but at the same time, she does look different. For instance, she has kept her long nails and I guess that is just one of the many things that make her stand out from the crowd at the golf club.


The other ladies at the gold club have totally different hobbies as well. They like to do stuff like going to lunch and have coffee together. My friend from Woolwich escorts like to do things like going to the gym, and out with her friends to some of the clubs in London. I am pretty sure that you are not going to find most of the golf club ladies at the London clubs my girlfriend goes to and the fact that they are so different really worries me to be honest.


What would the ladies do if they found out my sexy girlfriend used to work for Woolwich escorts? I am pretty sure that they would not speak to her again, and at the same time, I think that they would tell the golf club committee. I know that my girlfriend is not a practicing escort anymore, but I am not sure how the committee would feel about knowing that I used to date escorts. It could spell problems for me, and as I enjoy golf so much, I think that I am better off not telling any of the ladies at the golf club, or my friends, that my girlfriend used to work for the escort service in Woolwich. Now all I need to do is to tell her not to say anything. She is smart, so I am pretty sure she will not, but you never know.

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