The stresses of seeing a celebrity

I could not believe my eyes when the door to the top suite at Brown’s Hotel in London opened. Like with any other London escorts, you never know what you are going to come across, but I think that I forgot to smile for a moment, and my jaw may even have dropped. The guy sitting on the sofa was a famous celebrity. At the time I had not been with London escorts for a very long time, and most of the other girls that I worked with at this quality escorts in London agency, had warned me about dating celebrities. A couple of them even turned down dates with celebrities as they knew it could mean introducing a serious amount of stress into your life. He must have seen my hesitation as he immediately stood up and walked towards me. I could now see why some actors had such pulling power, this guy was just magnetic and it was like he was casting a spell on me.

Should I stay and follow up on the date, or should I rush back to my London escorts boudoir? My flight response was almost overwhelming and I must have taken a step back as he put his arm around my waist. Was I ready to go to a party with him in London tonight? I really could not answer him. Yes, I may have been in shock first of all, but I soon got my composure back. Yes, I said as I realised many London escorts would have sold their stilettos and walked barefoot through the snow to date this guy.

Maybe I was the only girl from a London escorts to be hesitant. My boss at the London escorts that I worked for said that it was going to be a very special date, and I wished that I would have asked him how special. A couple of days later, he was still in London, and it was clear that he was going to stay to complete some sort of project. He seemed to have taken to me, and I soon became his constant dinner companion. Not a night went past without him arranging a date with me. I was missing out on my regular London escorts, and I was getting stressed out about it. What would happen when he went back to the US? Maybe by then all of my London escorts regulars would have given up on me? That was not the only thing that bothered me. The sneaking around was getting to me as well.

We were always sitting in the darkest corner of a restaurant or having dinner in his suite. I felt like life had stopped, and I was worried about getting “ nabbed” by the endless stream of paparazzi that followed this guy around all of the time. What if one of them would make the connection between me and London escorts? Surely, they must realise that something was going. I certainly realised something was going on. This guy wanted to have an image of being the ultimate sex symbol, but it did not take me long to figure out that he was in fact gay. Today, we are still good friends and when he is in London, we always go out. Believe it or not, it is me on the drone photos taken out by his swimming pool. Nothing like a sunshine break in Los Angeles – just one of the perks of dating a celeb.

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