TGIF – London Escorts

When Friday night finally comes around, I love nothing better than to kick off my high heels and start the weekend. I think  that the rest of the senior London escorts at our London escort agency feel the same way. If you would like to have sexy companionship then, date escorts during the weekend in London, you will find that there are plenty of girls available for you, but they are the younger ones. You see, us elite girls seem to be more popular during the week.


As I work hard all of the time, I do really like to treat myself to a certain little something. Well, it is not really little of you like. During the week I try to rush around and do all of the things that I really don’t like so much, like going to the gym. So the weekend is all for me, and Saturday is the one day I allow myself to just relax and I don’t see any of the other girls from London escorts. Instead Saturday is my treat of the week day.


The routine is more or less the same every week. I am sure that my beauty girl thinks that I am mad, but I do need a break from it all. The first thing I do is to pop into the Elemis day spa and have what I call a full service. It starts with a massage, a facial and then I have my nails and feet down. When I leave, I feel amazing and move on to the next thing. That is having my hair done. All of this costs a small fortune, but I use part of my tips from London escorts so I don’t feel out of pocket. After the hair I have my make up put on by a pro, and then I go for a very late lunch on my own. It is just great.


Sunday is the other day when I take my head out of gar. Instead of focusing on me on a Sunday, I focus on my home instead. It has had a clean during the week, but I like to treat my home as much as I do like to treat me. I buy fresh flowers and make sure that everything looks good. I know that it sounds silly but I like that when I come home from London escorts. It sort of makes you chill out right away.


My final treat of the week is to go and buy the Sunday papers, and any magazines that I like. After that, I am ready to start my shift with London escorts again. I love it when I come home and things look nice and I know that I go into the escort agency on Monday, I will be ready to start again. Sure, it is nice to have a social life, but I very much have that when I work for the escort agency. The weekend is mine to treat myself and have some personal down time. We all need that at the end of the day.

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