Spending five years of married life with an Ascot Escort



Everything I have now is because of my wife. She is the reason why I choose to become a better version of me. She keeps pushing me in my dreams, and slowly achieve it. I have a beautiful family now that I cannot trade with anything in this world. It is just so beautiful to be in love; it made us feel worthy and valuable in life. It gives us purpose on earth. Love is a feeling all of us want to experience. It made us realize that there is more in the world. There is more beauty to explore. Life is good, and maybe we need to look at it positively. Perhaps we need someone to enlighten our mind. Someone to give us hope.


My life is a mess before; I have to accommodate my parents for me to finish my education. I know if I escape, I can’t sustain myself. Many people want a happy and comfortable life. But I only have a comfortable and not happy. It’s true, to live comfortably is easy but the process is not. I need to get involved in everything. I was forced to do things that I do not like. I was forced to make things that are not on my business. I have seen how my parents manipulate my older sibling; they are trying to control them like they don’t have the life. I was a kid at that time, saw how my father beat my brother every time he made mistakes. I see how my sister cries for forcing her to love a man with his co-business. Their life is miserable, and I know I will be the next. If I won’t open my eyes now, I will be blinded the same and don’t want to happen to me. I don’t want to lose respect for them and lose myself. I want to be happy with my own choice, and don’t want to marry someone that I don’t love. I want to be fair because love is precious and it’s sacred. When I reached twenty-three, I already graduated and heard them talking about my marriage. I have prepared for this to come, and brave enough to stand myself even it cause me my life. They throw me out and cut all financial support. And so I learn to live with my own, and I know that this is going to happen. I go to London and stay at Ascot. I worked here for years and met a beautiful Ascot escort from https://charlotteaction.org/ascot-escorts. Her beauty can deceive anyone, but her intentions are real. Her love is genuine, and we both fell to each other. After our long year’s relationship, I decided to marry her, and we are five years married.

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