Making life miserable

The problem that I am dealing with in a day to day basis is really making my life miserable. Mostly it’s because I have a boss that is really cruel to me and I do not think that I can afford to lose my job at this moment on my life. It’s really obvious to me now that I am going to quit this job once I have a better opportunity in the future, but that time is not now and I have to accept that. Because if my job I can’t really have time for a woman in my life. it’s really hard to be this type of person without a woman to love. Loving a woman would greatly make things easier for me but it’s hard when I do not have anyone who can understand me as a person. I stopped believing that there is a girl out there who can understand me a long time ago. Then a London escort came into my life. she is a sweet girl who just makes me really happy. I do not even know that it’s still possible for me to meet a woman as sweet as this lady. I had a very good feeling about the London escort that I have just meet because she is very serious when it comes to relationship and so is I. the odds of me meeting a woman who has the same aspirations as I have is very slim. That’s why I do believe that for me to have meet this London escort is got to be destiny. It’s a very nice thought to have and I know that in the future we would be able to build a more loving and stronger relationship with each other. Even though I was never in the right mind when she and I first meet because I have too much in my plate back then. She did not judge me at all. She was really cool about everything and that’s when I knew that the right move for me to make this London escort mine. Our love story is going to be very long and sweet. Even though I am not certain yet that this London escort is going to love me back. I just can’t help to fantasize about what our family would look like. She is the sweetest person that I have ever come across with and I surely hope that when the time comes. She is going to accept my love and we can finally begin to live a happy life together. With her I am certain that I am going to love a wonderful and nice life together. Even though a lot of people might not believe it yet but I am certainly serious if marrying a wonderful London escort that I have just meet because she makes me happy.

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