I cannot tell him all of my secrets

I have met this really nice guy, and even though he is 15 years older than me, I would like to have a stronger relationship with him. He seems to be very understanding and has a lot of good qualities that I appreciate after a long career with the adult entertainment industry in the UK and abroad. However, I am not so sure how I should tell him about my London escorts career.

It is not only my London escorts career that troubles me. I had a little break from London escorts and had a year out to enjoy an adult movie career in Los Angeles. It was perhaps not the best thing to do, but when I came back to London escorts, it had done wonders for me. So many gents enjoyed dating me just because of my porn movie career. At the time, I did not reflect on it too much, but now I am wondering how many gents in London know about my checkered past.

Adult entertainment is the only thing that I know, and ever since I left school, I have been involved in some form of adult entertainment. Before I joined London escorts, I used to work as a private dancer and lap dance girl. I did not do really well, but very few girls who chose that career path do. London escorts is where I made most of my money, but talking about is another matter. I am sure my gent wonders how I can afford to have a nice apartment and only a part time job.

So far, our relationship is based on little white lies. Instead of telling him that I used to work for a great London escort agency, I have told him that I used to help to manage a club. I did work in a club in London. The guy who owned the London escorts service that I worked for also owned a club. It was at this club I picked up a lot of my gents and started to fill up my dating diary. My friend has never questioned it but he is not that sort of guy who would question that I think. He just takes my word for it, I have never met a man like him.

There are times when I think that he would not mind me telling him about London escorts, but I have not had the guts really. I think that he can sense that I want to tell him something at times but I am not sure about that. If I told him, I am not sure what would happen. Can I learn to live my little white lies, or rather big whoppers if you like? I am not sure about that. One thing that I am sure of, is that I really love this guy. I would love to spend more time with him, and get to know him better. I hope it will be okay, but you never know when your past will come up and bite you in the bum.

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