Are Marylebone escorts the hottest in London?

I recently wrote into ask for advice about dating escorts in London, and I had a really quick reply from the Agency. I was new in town at the time and they advised me to try dating Marylebone girls. Let me tell you, they were absolutely right and I have met some of the hottest girls that I have ever dated in this part of London. As a matter of fact, they knock the socks of the girls I used to date back home in Manchester. I didn’t know that there were such hot escorts in London, I thought you would have to travel to Las Vegas for that kind of service.
My most recent date with Marylebone escorts from was a duo date. I don’t know what you know about duo dating but it is THE perfect escort date. You basically pick two ladies that you think look really hot and date them at the same time. I had an amazing time on my duo date and both of the girls I dated were red hot bisexual vixens. I have never come across anything like it and I will be doing that soon again.
I have also recommend Marylebone escorts services to a couple of my friends in London. A few of the chaps in my office are into dominatrix services, and I noticed that the agency I was recommended by the Agency had a couple of dominatrix ladies available. I recommended them to my friends and they said they had a brilliant time. I have never tried dominatrix services myself but i hear it is supposed to be the ultimate role playing experience. I might have to try it some time but will have to tell her to be gentle with me.
There is plenty of choice with Marybone escorts services. You can find anything you like including hot and sexy petites. At the moment I am really into dating girls with big boobs and we have plenty of those here in Marylebone. There also seem to be an endless supply of hot and sexy blondes and brunettes as well. We even have two bisexual redheads which make for the most interesting duo dates I understand. I have not as yet tried dating the Red Hot Twins as we like to call them but I am sure that I will get around to that one day.
I have so far arranged quite a few date with Marylebone escorts services. Next week I am putting together a party girl date for a friend who is getting married. Before I came to London I had never heard of party girl dating but it sounds like an amazing experience. The girls are planning everything and all I need to do is to turn up with my mates. So far I have been impressed with all aspects of the service in this part of London so I feel certain that I will be just as impressed by this service. Bring on the party girls!

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