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I have been seeing this really nice man for a couple of months now that I met at Chelmsford escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/chelmsford-escorts. We seem to have developed a nice friendship but now I am wondering how I can turn this friendship into love I lost my husband a couple of years ago and I do miss his companionship. But it is not only his companionship I am missing, I also miss the physical intimacy we used to have and would like to regain that somehow. However, at my age this is proving easier said than done.

My friend and I do have a lot of fun together, and we are even a planning a holiday. The only thing is that I would really like to share a bedroom in the cottage we have rented, not sleep in separate ones. I just would like to be touched by a man again, and I wonder if my friend feels the same way.

My husband died very suddenly when I was only 32 years old. It was from a hidden heart problem and it just devastated me as we were childhood sweethearts. I passionately loved him and he loved me. Unfortunately, we never got around to starting a family and it is something that I would like to do. My new friend does not have a family neither and I do know that he really loves kids. I often think that he would make the most perfect dad but to embark on such an adventure you really need love.

The thing is, I am not so sure he loves me. He works really hard and spoils me rotten but yet we only remain friends with benefits. We are planning a holiday in a month’s time and it would be so nice if we could talk things over in a nice relaxed atmosphere. I know that he feels that a woman should stay at home with kids, and I would gladly give up my job to do just that. However, before I do that I need some kind of emotional commitment from, and now I am wondering how I can turn this friendship into love.

I love this new man in my life but I need him to know that I need some reassurance that he really loves me. He is always buying me flowers and things, and treats me like I am his only one, but I am still not so sure. They say that some men find it really hard to express verbally how they feel and perhaps he belongs in that category. I am almost frightened to say that I love you when he rushes out the door in the morning, maybe he will just decline me and I don’t think I could handle that.

I think am going have to be brave and take the lead on this one. When we are on holiday I am planning to have a chat with him during a walk on the beach. At least then I will| know one way or the other. My friends from Chelmsford escorts tell me that he is always saying nice things about me so I am hoping the result, or outcome, will be positive. In a way I feel like I would just like to pick up my life again, sort of get on with it and find new happiness with this tall silent man of mine.

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